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Awesome to be on the road!

I still can't believe that the band and crew took me along to europe for the road test shows there! I do have to say the lodging was a bit cramped, but the shows each night more than made up for it! Click on my name to check out the photos on my page here on CHICKENFOOT.US and hopefully i'll get to share more in the future - i overheard them talking about possibly letting me come along to shows in summer!

Düsseldorf Germany

I drove 420km to see chickenfoot on the 19th of January 12 in Düssseldorf.
It was worth everyone of them!!
Tabky you for a great night!

Europe Road Test Tour

Jan. 19th will end the Europe Road Test Tour. I have gotten word from good authority ;-) that each show has been amazing. Most? If not all? Were sold out. The audiences welcomed my friends and I am so appreciative of that. I've been told they were insane for Chickenfoot!That excites me!

These four talented men on the Foot III tour have such chemistry and respect for each other. It shows. Every chord they play, every note they sing, every beat he makes? Come together as a powerhouse that will never be forgotten!

Thank you Europe. And thank you to the men of Chickenfoot III tour.

manchester academy 12.1.12

This was the best day of my life, yet again the UK was blown away by the mighty chickenfoot, you guys rocked the house kenny did a fantastic job for chad,a and joe was smokin o yea the buzz was on big time,i want to thank ken jensen for giving me the best experience ever, meeting mike and sammy was a dream come true took me 30 yrs too meet them thank you for taking time out for the uk fans memories i will flag ended up on stage I wanted the world to know the foot were here to kick ass in the UK.


london show was awesome such a great venue and to get close to the foot live was the best ever,all the manchester footsoldiers are gonna welcome back the foot big style,So pumped up for this show already what a way to start the off 2012 with chickenfoot, hope to say hello to the foot fingers crossed,see you back tearing it up long live the FOOT O YEA /|\ TIME TO GET THE BUZZ BACK ON :>)

Doing this new job thing once again

I have made some mistakes in this life, but who doesn't there is no manual or instructions. So back in 1984 I went to school to become an Electronics Technician. Met a nice young lady, and found a job working for Americas leading manufacturer of computer input devices, life was good. We had a son, and bought our first home, an older fixer upper, we were well on our way to living the American dream. She finished school and started working and we sold our old home and moved into a brand new house that we had built in 1994. This is where problem number one started to rear its ugly head.

Chickenfoot is Solid!

Sammy, thank you for bringing the Foot to STL! Loved the mix of songs from both CD's. Your engery is contagious and you keep the crowd alive and on the edge of their seats....personally, I stand and dance as I cannot sit at any of your concerts. My husband says I go into a trace when you are on stage and totally zone everything and everyone out. Your songs reach my core and give me chills - plus you are so darn cute! Joe is totally amazing and ripped on "Future in the Past" and "Down the Drain".


An unforgettable night of music in NYC delivered by four huge talents -- CHICKENFOOT!! We were in the 2nd row and were mesmorized and overwhelmed. Sammy was in full voice and has amazing energy; Joe Satriani on guitar, there are no words to describe talent such as that; Michael Anthony's vocals and bass playing are top notch; Sammy and Mike singing together = "vocal magic". Kenny was outstanding on drums. Chickenfoot is an EXPLOSION of music!! It was a beautiful rock n roll night that I'll never forget.


Last nights show was Awesome!As a Sammy fan it is always interesting meeting fans from all places.Im from
the burbs of Chicago met fans from Boston,Detroit, Indy,Milwaukee,Rockford thats cool.Always wish the can play longer
because they never let us down.Old Style?? I was waiting to hear take me out to the ballgame with being in the shadow of Wrigley.Cant wait till ya come back I also hope its solider field Kenny. Peace Out!!

The Warfield

Awesome show. What a great performance. It was great when Satch's amp blew!! These guys are outstanding musicians and it was great to see them play and have such a great time.