Awesome to be on the road!

I still can't believe that the band and crew took me along to europe for the road test shows there! I do have to say the lodging was a bit cramped, but the shows each night more than made up for it! Click on my name to check out the photos on my page here on CHICKENFOOT.US and hopefully i'll get to share more in the future - i overheard them talking about possibly letting me come along to shows in summer!

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Had a great time with Travis this last weekend for Cinco De Mayo 2012 --- Hope Clide (sexy Red Monkey) gets to rock the tour with you guys... Looking forward to seeing more pics of "Travis travels" -- All the best!!!

You guys are the best! I had a blast at the food run, and the help you gave was totally perfect. That's what we're working toward, too, that these particular events are basically independent, fun for everyone, and have a structure that reflects the attendees and organizers. In fact, there's no reason for the FOOT to be even be in town for things like this to happen, right? Local soldiers can get together for BBQs, for instance. Or when there's a new video being released, or live stream planned, ask your local watering hole if they'll tune their TVs into it, and call a run to meet there.

Did you see the photo on the Facebook Chickenfoot page?

This is fucking creepy as hell! (I've always disliked dolls, though.)
Still, it's got a weird appeal, and I'll probably look forward to reading the little bastard's blogs....
Keep posting, Travis!

Travelin' Travis, you are one lucky dude!! Have fun and keep us posted on all the Chickenfoot behind the scenes news.