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August 04, 2011
some beach somewhere
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chicken wrangler
chicken wrangler

I have always lived no more than 20 miles to the beach. In my early years I grew up beachside. As a teen and young adult I was less than 20 miles. Yrs later I lived in Aericibo, P.R. 100 yards to the waters edge. I then came back to Florida and was one block to the beach while I worked in radio. And can you guess what the name of the radio station is called? Yes.....The Beach. How appropiate!
To me? Home IS where the beach is.
Oh! And it is ALL about the music <3


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Europe Road Test Tour
Jan 18, 2012 | by sandybeachlady

Jan. 19th will end the Europe Road Test Tour. I have gotten word from good authority ;-) that each show has been amazing. Most? If not all? Were sold out. The audiences welcomed my friends and I am so appreciative of that. I've been told they were insane for Chickenfoot!That excites me!

These four talented men on the Foot III tour have such chemistry and respect for each other. It shows. Every chord they play, every note they sing, every beat he makes? Come together as a powerhouse that will never be forgotten!

Thank you Europe. And thank you to the men of Chickenfoot III tour.

World Tour 2012
Nov 27, 2011 | by sandybeachlady

The tour will begin in only a few short weeks! I wish you well and much success.
Cluck! Cluck! Icing on the chicken coop!

Live Webcast CF III
Sep 27, 2011 | by sandybeachlady

I am so excited about the webcast here on the Chickenfoot web site tonight. I have the album already.....and it rocks.....but I am anxiously anticipating Kenny Aronoff drumming for ChickenFoot. I've worked in radio for years and always shared with my listeners what a genius he is. So is Joe. I even thought through the years just how awesome it would be for the both of them to do a project together. I've watched Sammy and Michael play for a long time and know how talented they are. Put all four together? Icing on the chicken coop!!

My first - Kenny Aronoff
Aug 26, 2011 | by sandybeachlady

The title is a bit deceiving. But this is my first blog post here and it is about yesterdays announcement of Kenny Aronoff. I have been in radio a few years and always noticed the talents of Kenny. He had me at the first beat. My brother worked for ShowCo and I worked in radio so any shows within driving distance.....I was there. Most of the time when I wasn't in the crowd? I was onstage. Yes that was me standing in the shadows. One particular show in New Orleans John Mellencamp and I exchanged t-shirts on the spot before the show.