Replacement LIVE Discs To Fix Mastering Error

Mar 12 2017

In response to complaints about gaps between songs on the LIVE disc from BEST+LIVE, we are going ask that you click on the link below. This will take you to a page to submit your contact information. Once you sign up and either return your copy of the LIVE disc or a copy of your proof of purchase, Entertainment One Music will mail you a replacement disc upon receiving your disc or proof of purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this corrects the error for you.

If you choose not to wait, we will be able to provide you a digital download of the LIVE disc immediately upon receiving your information along with a photo of your proof of purchase.

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To get a replacement CD without the breaks that I purchased from Amazon how do I get a signed fixed replacement CD?
CD1 & CD2 Rock/|\

Thank you very much,

Mitchell Lawson

Hi Mitchell - just follow the directions above to get your replacement.

I received my replacement disc in the mail today! Along with a keychain! Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for the update I asked this question on Facebook as I got one with the dead spots between songs at best buy. I also attended the live Facebook event with Joe and Sammy, Mike joining by phone. I asked how do you get a signed CD and you read my question and even said my name saying you will contact me to send signed CD. Well no contact yet? Sammy signed a CD to Mike and someone quickly correct him saying Mark not Mike, Mike's on the Phone. If yo get the dead spot issue worked out please let me know and if your going to eventually send a signed CD that would be great send it with the issue fixed and I would be very happy. Keep on Rocking guys cant wait for another tour, got see you guys at the Beacon Theater. Nice to see Joe's Mom supporting her son and the band.

All The Best

Hi Mark - I know it took a little while, but glad we did finally get you your signed CD and it should have been one of the correct ones! :)